Mar 092011

George Mull opposed Proposition 19. Steve DeAngelo campaigned for it. Which made it all the more interesting at the recent CalNORML conference in Berkeley, where both said that medical cannabis distribution in California is — and I’m paraphrasing here — a total fucking mess. Mull is a Sacramento attorney who represents several NorCal collectives, and their struggles in assorted cities and counties have convinced him that statewide regulation is necessary. To that end, he co-founded [read more …]

Oct 202010

I’ve already voted for Prop. 19, thanks to mail-in balloting, so I could tune out the rest of the campaign. Except I’m pissed off, and you should be too. Selfish stoners are talking out their collective asses with such passion it almost makes one forget the dazzling incoherency of what they’re saying. Selfish stoners say they support legalization but oppose Proposition 19. Then they rattle off a list of complaints that are inherent with any [read more …]

CSU Fresno students have mixed views on Prop. 19

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Oct 012010

This November, Californians will have the opportunity to vote on an historic proposition. If passed, Proposition 19 would spurn federal law by permitting recreational use of marijuana in California. Prop 19 has sparked furious debate on both sides, and it has also caught the attention of young voters, Andrew Boydston reports in The Collegian at CSU Fresno. “Prop 19 caught my attention and made me want to vote this year,” said Kevin Chan, a kinesiology [read more …]

Bud’s Blog: Raucous Prop. 19 debate is a joyful sound

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Sep 272010

Sunday night update: My brain is still chewing its cud on the import of Saturday’s Prop. 19 debate at the Cow Palace. Opponents have raised numerous concerns that seem to me more fearful than factual, but like any new law the lawyers and judges will have the final say. I only heard part of Richard Lee’s opening statement, because he blurted it out so quickly. Chris Conrad and George Mull gave informed perspectives on Prop. [read more …]

As pot raids continue, drug czar opposes Prop. 19

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Jul 302010

Proposition 19, a November ballot initiative, would legalize recreational marijuana use for California residents over 21 and allow small residential cultivation — but also would put the state in conflict with federal law that says the drug is illegal. “The [Obama] administration opposes legalization of any drugs, including marijuana,” Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, said in an interview Thursday. Kerlikowske was in Fresno to announce the results [read more …]