Sep 152015

The California Legislature passed a weighty package of medical cannabis bills Friday, which Gov. Brown is expected to sign into law. For better or worse, the Medical Marijuana Regulatory and Safety Act (MMRSA) will fundamentally change how medical cannabis is grown and sold in California. The core of the MMRSA is contained within two bills ‐ Assembly Bill 266 and Senate Bill 643 ‐ while a third bill, AB 243, addresses environmental and funding issues. [read more …]

As opposition mounts, SB 1262 fails to pass Assembly

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Aug 142014
As opposition mounts, SB 1262 fails to pass Assembly

Senate Bill 1262 is dead for the year after failing to pass the Assembly Appropriations Committee today, and a new author will be needed to push a similar bill next year. At one point, SB 1262 had bipartisan support from Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, a staunch advocate for medical cannabis patients, and the bill’s chief author, state Sen. Lou Correa. The bill would have created a state Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation in the Department [read more …]

Aug 042014

This is the text of a letter delivered by FCA members to state Sen. Lou Correa, Assembly Member Tom Ammiano and other lawmakers at ASA’s Lobby Day in Sacramento: Following a survey of its members, the Fresno Cannabis Association wishes to express its opposition to Senate Bill 1262. The greatest concern of FCA members was the bill’s complete failure to address the dispensary and cultivation bans in Fresno and the Central Valley, much less do [read more …]

Jul 252014

The Fresno Cannabis Association conducted an informal online survey from July 16 to July 24 help gather input from medical cannabis patients in the Fresno area about Senate Bill 1262. The survey was not designed nor intended to be a scientific sampling of public opinion, but the responses do provide a quick snapshot of how key elements of Senate Bill 1262 are viewed in the Fresno area and points beyond. Total responses: 42 California: 33 [read more …]

Jul 162014

Senate Bill 1262 is a cannabis regulation bill under consideration by the state Legislature. Although a final vote is not yet scheduled, some cannabis advocates believe it has a good chance for passage. This brief survey does not cover every aspect of SB 1262 in detail, but it does present some of the key elements. The final question on the survey asks whether FCA should take a position on the bill. View Survey

Cannabis bills face uphill battle in Capitol

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Jan 272012

The California Legislature will soon vote on two marijuana reform bills that seem to be more popular with the public than with the politicians in Sacramento: SB 129 by state Sen. Mark Leno, which would prohibit employment discrimination against medical marijuana patients, and AB 1017 by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, which would allow for reduced, misdemeanor charges in marijuana cultivation cases. Both bills have strong public support according to a newly released poll of state voters [read more …]