Feb 122014

Local media are reporting an early enforcement campaign against cannabis growers by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. The crackdown follows passage of a new zoning ordinance banning cannabis gardens, which took effect Feb. 7. abc30 coverage Fresno County sheriff’s deputies enforce new ban on pot grows Fresno County sheriff’s deputies are hitting the streets early this year to enforce a new ban on all indoor and outdoor marijuana grows. The enforcement includes grow operations designated [read more …]

Jan 082014

The ink isn’t dry on the Fresno County cannabis ban that was passed Tuesday, so it’s a little early to claim 20/20 hindsight about what it all means. It doesn’t take effect until Feb. 6, and the Fresno County Planning Commission still has a cameo role to play before the curtain falls. (Anyone have a rubber stamp handy?) Even so, some common themes that can be observed in the run-up to the ban, and in [read more …]

Fresno police arrest husband, wife, son on pot charges

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Oct 172012

Fresno police seized 127 pounds of marijuana, cash and weapons at a southeast Fresno home following a monthlong investigation with federal drug agents, Tim Sheehan reports in the Fresno Bee. Police searching the home Friday on the 2000 block of South Chestnut Avenue found several greenhouses encompassing nearly the entire backyard where marijuana plants recently had been harvested, the Bee reports. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said police, working in cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement [read more …]

Fresno police launch snitch line for cannabis gardens

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Oct 152012

Sure, harvest is almost done, but Fresno police want to make sure no stoners are left unturned. That’s why the city has set up a new snitch line to report — as CBS 47 puts it — “illegal drug activity in your neighborhood.” Wait … isn’t medical cannabis legal? Just a little bit? Never mind, you can now call 559-621-WEED to narc out your neighbors for growing the devil weed, with or without a doctor’s [read more …]

Feds, Fresno County deputies team up on pot seizure

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Jul 282012

Fresno County sheriff’s deputies and U.S. Drug Enforcement agents seized more than 700 marijuana plants during a raid Friday morning in the Three Rocks community of western Fresno County. Investigators found the plants while serving four federal search warrants, said Fresno County sheriff’s Lt. Rick Ko. Some of the plants seized were over 12 feet tall, and each would have produced more than six pounds of high-grade processed marijuana, Ko told the Fresno Bee. The [read more …]

Jun 122012

A Butte County prosecutor Monday presented testimony in hopes of bringing a felony child abuse trial against an Oroville mother whose newborn baby and 14-month toddler were allegedly in a home with marijuana buds, hash and residues. The case of Daisy Bram, 30, stirred the ire of medical marijuana advocates, Peter Hecht reports in the Sacramento Bee. An audiotape went viral of Bram shrieking in tears as child welfare officers took away her children during [read more …]