Dec 292014
Flashback 2014: Cannabis bans take root in Fresno

Fresno County adopted the first countywide cannabis ban in California in 2014, followed by the City of Fresno. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown. January In August 2013, Sheriff Margaret Mims asked Fresno County supervisors to adopt an ordinance with a 12-plant-per-parcel limit similar to Kern County’s. Supervisors upped the ante by pursuing a zero-tolerance cannabis cultivation ban, which passed 5-0 on January 7, 2014. They also approved a negative declaration claiming the cannabis ban, dubbed Ordinance [read more …]

Fresno supervisors: (Still) No lawful cannabis for you!

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Dec 032014

Fresno County supervisors on Tuesday rejected a proposal to allow medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine, even on a small-scale basis. The proposal was one of five suggestions put forth in a report from County Counsel Dan Cederborg after a long, hot summer of zero-tolerance enforcement by Fresno County sheriff’s deputies. All cultivation of medical marijuana, both indoors and outdoors, was prohibited by a total growing ban that took effect in February. Related [read more …]

Fresno County cannabis patients sought for lawsuit

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Jan 262014

Faced with a new growing ban, Fresno County cannabis patients may soon find themselves in court as criminal defendants, but MMJ advocates are urging a more proactive approach. A civil lawsuit is being planned to challenge the Fresno County ordinance, but the strategy requires support from local growers to succeed. The lawsuit has been on the table since the Fresno County growing ban was passed by the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 7, but local [read more …]

Jan 072014

Fresno County supervisors voted 5-0 today to approve an ordinance that prohibits all cannabis cultivation, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of patient status or other circumstances. Absent possible legal action, the new Fresno County cannabis ban takes effect Feb. 6. Fresno Bee coverage of the cannabis ban Medical cannabis patients and advocates filled the board chambers in downtown Fresno, and all but one speaker opposed the ban. The exception was a female resident of Squaw [read more …]