Mar 262015

The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to permit the indoor-only cultivation of up to four medical cannabis plants, a slight change of course from the zero-tolerance ban it passed last year. UPDATE: Fresno City Council balks at cannabis ordinance The ordinance was brought forth by council President Oliver Baines III, who chaired a medical marijuana subcommittee that met with stakeholders last May. At that time, medical cannabis patients expressed serious reservations about the four-plant limit [read more …]

Sep 132014
Slow Berner: Fresno City Council rejects new cannabis ban

A new cannabis ordinance that was proposed after a 4/20 celebration in Woodward Park got a cool reception at Thursday’s meeting of the Fresno City Council. Council Member Lee Brand proposed the new ordinance, which on paper prohibited the use of controlled substances on city property, including parks. Because medical marijuana didn’t fall into the exemption for people using prescription medications (cannabis patients receive recommendations from doctors, not prescriptions), cannabis patients would be effectively barred [read more …]

May 212014

The Fresno Cannabis Association presents its first fundraiser and strategy session at 2 p.m. June 8 at Full Circle Brewery in Fresno. Come learn about the cannabis growing bans in the City of Fresno and Fresno County, and meet the people leading the legal fights against them. Food, drink and cannabis advocacy — tres bien! Facebook event page | Meetup event page Admission tickets are $10 at the door. This private event is for people [read more …]

Growing problem: Fresno marijuana house fires

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Jan 192013

When the Fresno Police Department decided that patients growing medical cannabis outdoors was a threat to public health and safety, the City Council signed off on an outdoor cultivation ban. What the FPD didn’t tell the City Council was that indoor cannabis cultivation can create equal or greater threats to public health and safety, including marijuana house fires caused by overloaded electrical and lighting systems. The latest Fresno house fire caused by cannabis cultivation was [read more …]

Oct 272012

Fresno’s ban on outdoor cannabis gardens faces a new legal challenge, this time on environmental grounds. In December 2011, the Fresno City Council passed a so-called urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor cannabis gardens anywhere in the city. The ordinance passed after police cited concerns about a handful of large-scale gardens, some of them within residential neighborhoods. A 2010 shooting death during an attempted heist of an outdoor cannabis garden across from Roeding Park was cited as [read more …]

Fresno mayor signs ban on growing marijuana outdoors

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Jul 092012

The deal is done and the ink has dried on Fresno’s permanent ban on growing marijuana outdoors. Technically speaking, it doesn’t take effect until Aug. 3, but there’s a temporary ban that’s still in place. Mayor Ashley Swearengin signed off on the law July 3, which followed approval June 28 by the Fresno City Council. Outdoor marijuana cultivation ban – City of Fresno