Fresno supervisors OK changes to growing ban

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Feb 252015

Fresno County supervisors voted 5-0 Tuesday to approve several changes to its medical cannabis ordinance, but the county’s dual bans on dispensaries and cultivation remain firmly in place. The amendments were intended to clarify the county’s stated claims that it can pretty much do what it wants in terms of enforcement. The county can show up without notice and rip down your plants, with or without your permission to go on the property. The county [read more …]

Supervisors weigh changes to cannabis growing ban

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Feb 072015

Supervisors will consider several procedural changes to the Fresno County cannabis cultivation ban Tuesday. Billed as a housekeeping measure in the county staff report, the proposed changes attempt to clarify (and perhaps justify) the muddled procedures used by Fresno County Sheriff’s Office during enforcement operations. More than 300 gardens were uprooted by sheriff’s deputies in 2014, and more than 70 arrests were made, but in most cases no notice to abate was issued that would [read more …]

Fresno supervisors: (Still) No lawful cannabis for you!

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Dec 032014

Fresno County supervisors on Tuesday rejected a proposal to allow medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine, even on a small-scale basis. The proposal was one of five suggestions put forth in a report from County Counsel Dan Cederborg after a long, hot summer of zero-tolerance enforcement by Fresno County sheriff’s deputies. All cultivation of medical marijuana, both indoors and outdoors, was prohibited by a total growing ban that took effect in February. Related [read more …]

Aug 042014

This is the text of a letter delivered by FCA members to state Sen. Lou Correa, Assembly Member Tom Ammiano and other lawmakers at ASA’s Lobby Day in Sacramento: Following a survey of its members, the Fresno Cannabis Association wishes to express its opposition to Senate Bill 1262. The greatest concern of FCA members was the bill’s complete failure to address the dispensary and cultivation bans in Fresno and the Central Valley, much less do [read more …]

May 082014

A lawsuit filed today by cannabis advocates seeks to block enforcement of the Fresno cannabis cultivation ban. The petition for writ of mandate was filed by two co-plaintiffs, the newly formed Fresno Cannabis Association and the Los Angeles-based Union of Medical Marijuana Patients. The target of the lawsuit is Ordinance 2014-20, which bans all types of cannabis cultivation (indoor/outdoor)and imposes fines of $1,000/plant for violations. CEQA cannabis lawsuit – City of Fresno While the lawsuit [read more …]

Apr 092014

A CEQA lawsuit that seeks to block the enforcement of the Fresno County cannabis ban was filed April 4, 2014. The lawsuit doesn’t claim the county ban violates Proposition 215 or Senate Bill 420, although it well could. Instead, the single cause of action claims the county violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This unofficial copy is lightly redacted. If the embedded viewer doesn’t work, click here. Exhibit A: Fresno County Ordinance 14-001 Exhibit [read more …]