Oct 272012

Fresno’s ban on outdoor cannabis gardens faces a new legal challenge, this time on environmental grounds. In December 2011, the Fresno City Council passed a so-called urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor cannabis gardens anywhere in the city. The ordinance passed after police cited concerns about a handful of large-scale gardens, some of them within residential neighborhoods. A 2010 shooting death during an attempted heist of an outdoor cannabis garden across from Roeding Park was cited as [read more …]

Oct 092012

After leaving well enough alone for several years, the Clovis City Council stepped into the field of cannabis cultivation regulation with both feet. They may wish they’d worn different shoes. The new rules for growing medical cannabis in Clovis were passed Monday, Pablo Lopez reports in the Fresno Bee. Mayor Jose Flores pushed for a total ban on medical marijuana, but City Attorney David Wolfe warned that approach would be difficult to defend in court. [read more …]

Jun 292012

The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to approve a permanent ban on growing medical marijuana outdoors. The measure now goes to Mayor Ashley Swearengin for her signature, and it takes effect 30 days after that. The permanent ordinance allows no outdoor marijuana cultivation of any kind within the city limits, just like the temporary bans that were passed in December and January, the latter of which is still in effect. Enforcement will be handled through [read more …]

Jun 122012

A Butte County prosecutor Monday presented testimony in hopes of bringing a felony child abuse trial against an Oroville mother whose newborn baby and 14-month toddler were allegedly in a home with marijuana buds, hash and residues. The case of Daisy Bram, 30, stirred the ire of medical marijuana advocates, Peter Hecht reports in the Sacramento Bee. An audiotape went viral of Bram shrieking in tears as child welfare officers took away her children during [read more …]

Tulare County ‘collective’ targeted for growing cannabis

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May 232012

What’s in a name? More specifically, when does a bunch of medical marijuana growers turn into a collective? The question arises because Tulare County has filed suit against “five people in a medical marijuana collective” who are accused of violating the county’s 2009 cultivation law. Under that medical marijuana ordinance, collectives and cooperatives must operate in a commercial or manufacturing zone, Lewis Griswold reports in the Fresno Bee. The county’s ordinance states collectives must grow [read more …]

Ex-detective, family face Stanislaus pot charges

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Apr 212012

MODESTO – The husband and father of a former Stanislaus County sheriff’s detective appeared in court Friday for the first time since the men were arrested last month on suspicion of conspiring to forcibly enter homes and cultivating marijuana. A filed criminal complaint alleges Kari Abbey’s husband, Bennie Taylor, and her father, James Abbey, unlawfully entered rental homes owned by Abbey or her family. In a separate case, Kari Abbey awaits trial on charges of [read more …]