Urgency ban targets Tulare County dispensaries

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Mar 222013

Tulare County supervisors, early adopters that they are, have passed an urgency ordinance prohibiting Tulare County dispensaries and medical cannabis collectives involving two or more people. Meaning just about everyone. UPDATE: The 45-day ordinance was extended for another 22 months, 15 days by the Board of Supervisors on April 23, 2013. The Tulare County cannabis moratorium extension expires on March 18, 2015. A Fresno Bee story on the Tulare County marijuana ordinance says it only [read more …]

Oct 092012

After leaving well enough alone for several years, the Clovis City Council stepped into the field of cannabis cultivation regulation with both feet. They may wish they’d worn different shoes. The new rules for growing medical cannabis in Clovis were passed Monday, Pablo Lopez reports in the Fresno Bee. Mayor Jose Flores pushed for a total ban on medical marijuana, but City Attorney David Wolfe warned that approach would be difficult to defend in court. [read more …]

San Jose nets $290K in first dispensary tax report

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May 152011

For the last couple of years, medical marijuana has been a booming business in San Jose, but now it’s also a promising new source of tax revenue, according to new figures released by the city’s finance department. San Jose officials say the city’s medical marijuana collectives paid $290,000 in the first month the city levied a 7 percent tax on businesses selling the drug, John Woolfolk reports in the San Jose Mercury Register. Councilman Pierluigi [read more …]