Mar 262015

The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to permit the indoor-only cultivation of up to four medical cannabis plants, a slight change of course from the zero-tolerance ban it passed last year. UPDATE: Fresno City Council balks at cannabis ordinance The ordinance was brought forth by council President Oliver Baines III, who chaired a medical marijuana subcommittee that met with stakeholders last May. At that time, medical cannabis patients expressed serious reservations about the four-plant limit [read more …]

Jun 212012

The Fresno City Council voted 5-0 today to approve a permanent ban on growing medical marijuana outdoors. (It’s on the June 28 council agenda for second reading and final passage.) The ordinance allows no outdoor marijuana cultivation of any kind within the city limits, just like the temporary bans that were passed in December and January. Enforcement will be handled through a civil injunctive process, with each day of non-compliance counting as a separate violation. [read more …]