City, county set joint cannabis meeting


The Fresno City Council and the Fresno County Board of Supervisors will hold a joint session (seriously, that’s what it’s called) on several topics, including the “marijuana ordinance” or ordinances. This is a rare chance to double-dip and support reasonable cannabis regulation in both the city and county. The county has already declared its intent to remain a “dry” county, and at least one council member wants the city to follow suit. The only downside [read more …]

Cannabis and hemp conference held in Fresno

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Apr 272017

The first Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Conference was held Wednesday at Bitwise Industries in downtown Fresno. About 60 people attended, many of them interested in commercial cannabis licensing. Many of the cannabis and industrial hemp program materials are posted online. The even also drew some local media coverage, as shown below. First marijuana and hemp conference in Fresno happens at Bitwise |

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Fresno cannabis legalization survey results

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May 192016

The following survey was posted for about six weeks, and it got more responses from outside Fresno County than from Fresno-area residents. Excluding those answers and those from unidentified networks, here are the results:

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Take the Fresno legalization survey

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Mar 282016

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”28423A5DC5DC101A” height=”auto” domain=”mrsnarky” id=”fresno-cannabis-legalization-survey”]

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Court ruling hits ‘criminalization’ element of Fresno County growing ban

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Dec 032015

The dismissal of a legal challenge to Fresno County’s ban on growing medical cannabis has been overturned by the Fifth District Court of Appeal. Tuesday’s 32-page ruling rejected several arguments made by cannabis advocate Diana Kirby, who filed suit after Fresno County’s medical cannabis cultivation ban was passed in 2014. But the three-judge panel still sent the case back to Fresno County Superior Court for further proceedings, saying Kirby could challenge the “criminalization” clause of [read more …]

Sep 152015

The California Legislature passed a weighty package of medical cannabis bills Friday, which Gov. Brown is expected to sign into law. For better or worse, the Medical Marijuana Regulatory and Safety Act (MMRSA) will fundamentally change how medical cannabis is grown and sold in California. The core of the MMRSA is contained within two bills ‐ Assembly Bill 266 and Senate Bill 643 ‐ while a third bill, AB 243, addresses environmental and funding issues. [read more …]