Read or print the Fresno County cannabis referendum


You can read or print the Fresno County cannabis referendum using the window below. If you have trouble seeing the viewer, follow this link to read the Fresno County cannabis referendum.


  1. Use standard white office paper, 8-1/2×11 inches. If you use recycled paper, make sure it is a premium grade (20 lb. or better).
  2. Adobe Acrobat and/or your home computer may use the “fit” or “shrink to fit” setting as the print default. The petition MUST be printed at “actual size” (100%). Before printing, check your printer dialog box for “page sizing and handling” and de-select the shrink setting.
  3. The petition is intended to be printed double-sided, so check your printer settings to see how that’s done. You can also put the PDF file on a flash drive and take it to a copy shop for double-sided printing. (If you do, make sure you also ask the staff to print the document at actual size.) The double-sided petition is cheaper to produce and easier to handle, but it can be printed one-sided.
  4. The petition includes the full text of Fresno County Ordinance No. 14-001, which runs 28 pages. Each petition must include every page in the PDF, including the ordinance text and the signature lines. We apologize for the extra printing involved … but we didn’t write the ordinance.
  5. After the petition is printed, place three staples in a row along the top edge, leaving a one-inch margin of blank space. This keeps the petition “book” from falling apart during handling. Most household staplers can be used on the double-sided petitions. For the single-sided petitions, you’ll need a heavy-duty stapler with 1/4-inch staples, which can be borrowed for free at most copy centers.
  6. Don’t forget to print the circulator statement, too. This should be filled out and signed before you start gathering signatures; turn the form into the campaign along with your petition(s).

Fresno County Cannabis Referendum

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