It’s easy to donate to the start-up Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Association. You can make a secure donation using PayPal.

Why should I donate?

That’s a good question, and only you know the answer. If you use cannabis in Fresno County, whether medically or socially (or both), you’re probably accustomed to living life on the downlow. Which is fine until bad things happen like the Fresno County cannabis ban. We got our collective butts kicked, pardon the pun, and we didn’t even see it coming. Living life on the downlow leaves you powerless and uninformed., the website, was founded in 2010 to help keep local residents and Prop. 215 patients informed, but it’s been on the digital downlow, too. A website is fine, but it doesn’t do much by itself. It’s time to ramp things up by building a new community of medical cannabis patients, friends and family, and that’s where the Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Association comes in. FCHA is still a seedling of an idea, but we now have a core group of committed volunteers willing to take the next steps: nonprofit organization and incorporation, office and meeting space, fundraising, event management and political activism. All of these things take money, and that’s where your donation comes in.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

No, and they probably won’t be in the future. The type of nonprofit organization we’re trying to form is tax-exempt on the business side of things, but donations are not tax-deductible.

Is my donation confidential?

That’s entirely up to you. FCHA is committed to growing a community of volunteers and activists, but not everyone can step up like that. The fear factor is very much alive in Fresno County, and cannabis patients can face job discrimination, moral judgment and worse from everyone from family and friends to the Sheriff’s Office. We always respect the confidentiality of qualified patients and primary caregivers, but we’ll certainly give you props if you wish.

Do you report donations to the state?

While we hope to organize a political action committee as an offshoot of the FCHA, we have lots of work to do before then. Even after our PAC is set up, the bulk of our donations are expected to be $99 or less. (A buck a plant is all we ask, all you 99-planters.) Under California elections law, we are not required to report the names of donors who donate under $100.

Because this PayPal button is not linked to a political action committee, your identity need not be reported to the state regardless of how much you donate. Think globally, donate locally.

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