The first half of the Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Conference is devoted to industrial hemp.

9:30 a.m. – Introductory Comments

10 a.m. – Screening of Bringing It Home documentary. You can view the extended trailer below or watch Bringing It Home on-demand on Vimeo.

11 a.m. – Hemp Agriculture: Trends and Technology

Download (PDF, 1013KB)

Kentucky Hemp Harvest – University of Kentucky

Hemp Production – Virginia Farm Bureau

Industrial Hemp Production Basics – Ontario, Canada

Organic Hemp Farming – Alberta, Canada

Industrial Hemp Grown for CBD – Oregon

Harvesting Liberty – Patagonia short feature

Large-Scale Hemp Harvesting – The Netherlands


California Industrial Hemp Program | FAQ

University of California – Cannabis and Hemp Research Guidance Memo (2017)

Download (PDF, 133KB)

Hemp Industries Association

Industrial Hemp Program Report – Colorado Department of Agriculture (2014)

Download (PDF, 1.71MB)

National Hemp Association

North American Industrial Hemp Council

Proposition 64 – Industrial Hemp

Senate Bill 566 – Industrial Hemp (2014)

Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp – USDA/DEA/FDA (2016)

The Emperor Wears No Clothes – By Jack Herer

Vote Hemp

Download (PDF, 320KB)

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