Ordinance 2014-20 governs medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation in the City of Fresno. A basic summary of its provisions appears below.

Cannabis cultivation ban – City of Fresno

Medical cannabis dispensaries

Medical cannabis collectives and dispensaries, as defined, are prohibited in the City of Fresno, pursuant to Fresno Muncipal Code Sec. 12-306-N-56.
(See Ordinance 2007-42.)

Medical cannabis cultivation

Medical cannabis cultivation by qualified patients, both indoors and outdoors, is prohibited in the City of Fresno, pursuant to Fresno Municipal Code Sec. 12-2104. Before the passage of Ordinance 2014-20, outdoor cultivation was prohibited but indoor cultivation was allowed under Ordinance 2012-13.

Penalties for violations

The Fresno cannabis ordinance imposes heavy fines to deter cannabis cultivation. The base fine is $1,000 per plant, pursuant to FMC Sec. 12-2105, and additional penalties and interest may apply. There is no explicit provision for misdemeanor punishment in Ordinance 2014-20, but the municipal code declares elsewhere that all violations can be charged as misdemeanors.

Previous Fresno cannabis ordinances

The Fresno City Council passed its first medical cannabis ordinance in 2004 with a ban on dispensaries serving more than two patients or caregivers.

Medical marijuana dispensary ban (2004)

De facto ban on medical cannabis dispensaries (2006)

De facto ban on medical cannabis dispensaries: The Sequel (2007)

Staff report on 2007 ordinance

On Dec. 15, 2011, the Fresno City Council passed Ordinance 2011-41, an interim urgency ordinance prohibiting the outdoor cultivation of marijuana in the city. The outdoor growing ban was extended for 10 months, 15 days, by Ordinance 2012-3, which was passed by the council on Jan. 26, 2012.

Urgency ordinance banning outdoor cultivation (2011)

Extension of outdoor cultivation ban (2012)

Proposed permanent outdoor cultivation ban

Outdoor cultivation ban (2012)

Fresno cannabis cultivation ban

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  1. Please don’t outlaw my medicine it is help my neurological anxiety problems tremendously without it I don’t know what I had to do please don’t do it