Oct 272012

Fresno’s ban on outdoor cannabis gardens faces a new legal challenge, this time on environmental grounds. In December 2011, the Fresno City Council passed a so-called urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor cannabis gardens anywhere in the city. The ordinance passed after police cited concerns about a handful of large-scale gardens, some of them within residential neighborhoods. A 2010 shooting death during an attempted heist of an outdoor cannabis garden across from Roeding Park was cited as [read more …]

Sep 192012

Shocking, SHOCKING I tell you … medical marijuana is being grown in Fresno County. Medical marijuana is a SHAM! Medical marijuana doctors should be ARRESTED! Marijuana is stinky and unsanitary, too! Those are the highlights of a new YouTube video posted on an anti-cannabis site called Nip It In The Bud. In a PR Newswire press release picked up by the Sacramento Bee, Alexandra Datig says that “California’s medical marijuana laws have been exposed as [read more …]

Bakersfield Californian: Measure G hurts Prop. 215 patients

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May 172012

California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, giving “seriously ill Californians … the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes” as recommended by a physician. The practical implementation of Prop. 215 has been messy, contradictory and confusing, and it conflicts with federal law. Subsequent state regulations on the issue have tempered one problem while creating others. And local governments have passed a patchwork of regulations — and faced ensuing court battles over their [read more …]

Editorial: Medical marijuana laws still lack clarity

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Apr 012012

It’s been 16 years since California voters decided to decriminalize medical marijuana, but the legal smoke surrounding the movement isn’t clearing anytime soon. The tangential issues the legalization has created are myriad, and new ones pop up overnight, this Santa Cruz Sentinel editorial observes. The latest? A rise in outdoor marijuana plantations in the county — some farmed by those who really appear to be growing marijuana for medicinal purposes — has area code enforcement [read more …]

OC Register: Federal crackdown on dispensaries disturbing

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Oct 232011

In the design of America’s founders, the states are supposed to be centers of democratic experiment They’re not supposed to be uniform, the Orange County Register observes in this editorial. For example, even though alcohol Prohibition ended in 1933, local laws restricting sales exist in 33 states. In Arkansas, more than half of 75 counties prohibit alcohol sales. This design is why it is disturbing to us that the Obama administration has launched a crackdown [read more …]

Columnist: Fresno MMJ law a ‘win-win’ for dope dealers

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Aug 092011

Marijuana cultivation is out of control in Fresno County. When men in gun turrets protect plots, medical marijuana plants are diverted to street sales and residents complain that dispensaries foul their neighborhoods, the county has a problem. Criminals and a poorly written medical marijuana law passed by California voters bear the blame, writes Fresno Bee columnist Bill McEwen. So, too, does a Fresno County Board of Supervisors that refused to confront the reality of what [read more …]