Jan 082014

The ink isn’t dry on the Fresno County cannabis ban that was passed Tuesday, so it’s a little early to claim 20/20 hindsight about what it all means. It doesn’t take effect until Feb. 6, and the Fresno County Planning Commission still has a cameo role to play before the curtain falls. (Anyone have a rubber stamp handy?) Even so, some common themes that can be observed in the run-up to the ban, and in [read more …]

Sep 302013

With prompting from Sheriff Margaret Mims, Fresno County supervisors are poised to approve a major rewrite of the Fresno County cannabis law. If approved as expected Oct. 8, qualified patients would be able to grow up to 12 immature or mature cannabis plants per parcel. That’s a big change from the current ordinance, which bans all outdoor cultivation and places strict limits on indoor cultivation. Oct. 8 update: The draft ordinance was pulled from the [read more …]

Challenge to Fresno outdoor growing ban plods ahead

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Aug 302013

A legal challenge to Fresno’s outdoor growing ban has been amended — again. The third amended petition and complaint was filed Aug. 26 in Fresno County Superior Court. One of its two major claims is that the city violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by failing to prepare an initial study and/or environmental impact report prior to approving Ordinance 2012-13. The city ordinance, which took effect in August 2012, prohibits outdoor cannabis cultivation in [read more …]

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Cannabis laws hit by Tulare County grand jury

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Jun 272013

Just when you think you’ve seen about everything, a citizen panel in rural Tulare County has stated the obvious: California’s crazy quilt of do-it-yourself city and county cannabis cultivation laws isn’t working. In fact, the 2012-13 Tulare County grand jury report concluded, “Without a [medical marijuana] permit requirement and an [medical marijuana] cultivation ordinance, it is impossible for the cities to keep track of legal MM cultivations.” The report calls on Tulare County cities without [read more …]