The Fresno Cannabis Association supports Fresno-area patients in their efforts to obtain safe, legal and affordable access to medical cannabis. We also educate members and the general public about hemp and adult-use cannabis.

Join FCA today ... it's free!

Join FCA today … it’s free!

The Fresno Cannabis Association was founded to help educate Fresno-area residents about cannabis hemp, the plant, as well as the public policy issues that surround its use. We help counter common stereotypes about cannabis and the people who use it, grow it and enjoy its many benefits, whether in medical, social or agricultural context.

FCA is designed to bring Fresno medical cannabis patients together during a time of unprecedented challenge. Our members believe that health decisions should be made between a patient and doctor, not subject to public opinion or law enforcement scrutiny. We will always respect our members’ personal health decisions as well as their medical privacy rights.

The Fresno Cannabis Association supports common-sense regulations designed to enhance safe access to medical cannabis for qualified patients under the terms of Proposition 215 and SB 420. We will work to create new opportunities for commercial businesses in Fresno and to oppose efforts to restrict the rights of individual patients to grow their own medical cannabis. FCA will work to reduce the threat of civil or criminal enforcement against Prop. 215-compliant patients in Fresno and Fresno County.

You can help grow the Fresno Cannabis Association

FCA is in start-up mode, with a nonprofit business plan under development. If you agree that now is the time for Fresno’s medical cannabis patients to stand up and protect their rights, please use the contact page to say hello or become an FCA member.

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