Mar 262015

The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to permit the indoor-only cultivation of up to four medical cannabis plants, a slight change of course from the zero-tolerance ban it passed last year.

UPDATE: Fresno City Council balks at cannabis ordinance

The ordinance was brought forth by council President Oliver Baines III, who chaired a medical marijuana subcommittee that met with stakeholders last May. At that time, medical cannabis patients expressed serious reservations about the four-plant limit and the continued ban on outdoor cultivation, as well as a related proposal that would have allowed only one dispensary in the city of 510,000 people. No action was taken regarding collectives or dispensaries Thursday.

Fresno Bee: Fresno takes first step toward medical pot regulation

Medical cannabis advocates Derek Payton and Michael Green lauded the council for considering any cultivation after imposing the total ban, but they noted that Senate Bill 420 provides for a minimum of six plants per patient. They also attacked the city’s environmental findings, which likened growing marijuana to growing house plants while concluding there were no possible impacts. The same finding was made regarding the city’s total ban, and a lawsuit challenging that ordinance is set for trial May 15.

Council members split 5-2 on the new ordinance, which still must pass a second reading before final approval. Voting in favor were Baines and Council Members Clint Olivier, Lee Brand, Paul Caprioglio and Esmeralda Soria, whom Baines appointed to the city’s ersatz medical marijuana subcommittee with himself and Olivier. Council Members Steve Brandau and Sal Quintero voted against the new law without explanation.

4-plant indoor cannabis growing ordinance | City of Fresno

  3 Responses to “Fresno City Council OKs 4-plant grows, keeps heavy fines”

  1. Regarding the arrest of deputy chief of fresno PD who openly spoke out against medical marijuana and openly supported the ban on medicinal growing. Should the city of Fresno be held responcable for helping former deputy chief create a monopoly on unlicensed non medically intended Illegal marijuana sales? He did not have a medical card. And therefore his sales were not only a federal offense but a state, city & county…. His ability to persuade city council to pass laws to do away with his competion (legal medicinal cannabis) should be taken into account.

  2. “Fresno police Deputy Chief Keith Foster testified in front of a state medical board last year in support of a Fresno doctor known for writing medical marijuana prescriptions and acknowledged that he was one of the doctor’s patients.”

    The fresno Bee

    So I guess he did have his medical recomendation… Was it still valid?

  3. Since BMW’s also attract crime, should it be required to have a 25,000 dollar building to park it in or you can’t own one? Ordinance designed to be preventative. What business is it of the City Council to regulate the county anyway? 20,000 registered voters signed the original Compassionate Cannabis petition to get it on the ballot and now they’ve been mucking around with us for years on this.
    Thank you,
    Molly Marijuana
    (Johnny Appleseed’s cousin)

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