Apr 062014

Having watched a few City Council meetings in my time, some of the yakking about the latest Fresno cannabis ban falls under the category of same ol’, same ol’. Where it gets downright surreal is when educated folks talk about fighting “criminal” cannabis gardens with code enforcement and heavy fines. No matter how much you smoke medical cannabis (or not), this isn’t easy to watch, but you should give it a shot.

Part I: March 20, 2014

Part II: March 27, 2014

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  One Response to “Watch as the Fresno cannabis ban is born”

  1. Thank you for posting the video. I liked it on Facebook where I am MadMX Moreaux and will send a link to my city council as soon as I find someone who will read it. Thank you AGAIN! And tell that guy Michael who is the first speaker from the public on part two that he was magnificent! MX

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