Feb 122014

Local media are reporting an early enforcement campaign against cannabis growers by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. The crackdown follows passage of a new zoning ordinance banning cannabis gardens, which took effect Feb. 7.

abc30 coverage

Fresno County sheriff’s deputies enforce new ban on pot grows

Fresno County sheriff’s deputies are hitting the streets early this year to enforce a new ban on all indoor and outdoor marijuana grows. The enforcement includes grow operations designated for medicinal purposes.

  6 Responses to “Sheriff’s Office starts cannabis enforcement early”

  1. I think the County should not try to over-ride a State majority passed law. I think they should set reasonable limits for people with Rx’s and go after the people growing enormous amounts illegally and getting rich, and leave the person with REAL needs, alone.

  2. I think that they should let the people how do it right and get the ones Ho r overdoing it look at all the tax munny. That Washingtonian and all the other states. Out There where it’s ligal. All the money that’s out there just saved by the drug delrs instead of in Californias bank

  3. I hope the sheriff pulls her head out of her u now what

  4. With them doing this its jus going to make things a lot worser than it already is the valve of the black market price are going to increase and these who needs this med. Are still going to cultivate their own… I’m not driving 3 to 4 hours jus to pick up my meds

  5. I was thinking. If the sheriff dept can take away our safe access to the right meds,shouldn’t they be providing it for us? Not just any kind of marijuana but the right strains n certified to be free of mold and chemicals. And free of charge.if they won’t,why not just come right out public and say they want qualified medical marijuana patients to buy from gangs and drug cartels? If they expect us to drive long distance,they can provide free transportation.

  6. Who gets to spend the loot collected from the fines?

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