Mar 282014

This lightly edited press release was issued by the Fresno Police Department:

One week after Police Chief Jerry Dyer presented a new ordinance to City Council on making marijuana grows in Fresno illegal, detectives with the Fresno Police Department’s Major Narcotics Unit received several dozen calls from citizens complaining of marijuana being grown in their neighborhood.

On Thursday, detectives responded to 11 houses. At two of those houses, detectives removed 1,194 live plants, ranging from small starter plants, up to 5-foot-tall mature plants.

At one of the houses, the growers said they were aware of the upcoming ban on indoor grows, and the current ban on outdoor growing, but the plants in the ground had already began to grow and produce buds. Only one of the growers had a medical marijuana recommendation card, but denied ownership of the plants. After advising the growers of the potential violence and other criminal behavior associated with growing marijuana, they requested that we assist them in removing the plants. More than 300 plants were removed from this residence.

At another house in the area of McKinley and Cedar avenues, detectives observed two large structures made of wood and plastic tarps in the backyard. The occupants of the house allowed officers in the backyard, where they located 874 plants were being grown inside the structures. The occupants reside in North Carolina, and stated they have been in Fresno since November to help family members with medical marijuana recommendations. When asked to contact their family, they were unable to reach them, and asked that we remove the plants. An inspector from Development and Resources Management Department was also present to address the illegal structures on the property.

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