Jan 072014

Fresno County supervisors voted 5-0 today to approve an ordinance that prohibits all cannabis cultivation, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of patient status or other circumstances. Absent possible legal action, the new Fresno County cannabis ban takes effect Feb. 6.

Fresno Bee coverage of the cannabis ban

Medical cannabis patients and advocates filled the board chambers in downtown Fresno, and all but one speaker opposed the ban. The exception was a female resident of Squaw Valley, one of several rural areas in the county where large-scale growing is being blamed for crime and nuisance complaints. After hearing more than an hour of public testimony, the board approved the ban with little comment on a motion by Chair Andreas Borgeas. Sheriff Margaret Mims, whose office is charged with enforcement, did not speak during the hearing.

A companion ordinance is set for consideration by the Fresno County Planning Commission on Thursday at 8:45 a.m. (Facebook event page), with final passage of that ordinance set for late February. Violation of the new growing ban carries fines starting at $1,000 per plant, and growers also could face misdemeanor charges.

This post will be updated as more details come in. Click here for a Fresno County growing ban recap.

  5 Responses to “Fresno County cannabis ban passes final vote”

  1. i hope someone can clarify, so does this mean that the ban of cultivating marijuana also applies to fresno city or just fresno county?

    • The growing ban applies to all parcels within unincorporated Fresno County, including large county islands in Tarpey Village and Fig Garden. You can check the cannabis ordinances for cities in Fresno County here, though I understand there have been some recent changes. http://fresnocannabis.org/city-ordinances/

      • so if i live in fresno city, does this ban apply to individuals who live in city limits or just outside unincorporated fresno county, this is where i am confused? i live in downtown fresno, should i be worried?

        • I think anybody who grows or uses cannabis should be worried about what’s happening in Fresno County and its incorporated cities. “Is my garden OK?” is a valid question, but with inconsistent laws and shifting enforcement priorities, there are no black-and-white answers.

  2. hey bud, i tried checking the link, however there were no updates on the recent ordinance. i would just like to know if i live in downtown fresno if i can still do indoor. From what i read above it seems as if there is a complete ban indoor and out in for fresno county. does fresno county also applies to fresno city? please help so i can follow the regulations.

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