Mar 232014

Two cannabis growers — and their landlords — are facing fines totaling $73,000 for allegedly violating Fresno County’s growing ban. Two hearings requested by Sheriff Margaret Mims are set on Tuesday’s agenda for the Board of Supervisors. The meeting begins at 9 a.m.

Fresno Bee coverage: Fresno County supervisors to hear from first group fined for pot gardens

The cornerstone of the county’s new ordinance, the proposed fines amount to $1,000 per plant. County supervisors adopted the heavy fine structure in January, and the Fresno City Council will adopt a fine-centered cannabis ban this Thursday.

On Tuesday, two items are set to be heard. In formal terms, the request involves two parts:

  • a “request for determination of a public nuisance,” and;
  • a “petition to impose administrative penalties.”

According to the staff reports, “there is no new net County cost” associated with enforcement. They also state the enforcement actions are exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act. The growing ban upon which the citations were issued is Ordinance 14-001.

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