Mar 182014

Following the lead of Fresno County, which enacted a cannabis growing ban in January, the Fresno City Council will consider a ban of its own this Thursday.

The proposed Fresno growing ban removes personal indoor cultivation as the last lawful option for medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine. The first reading of the ordinance is set for 3 p.m., according to the Fresno Bee, but it could take a back seat to another schedule public hearing on a bus transit plan.

This post will be updated with more details as they become available. The Fresno City Council meets at City Hall, second floor, 2600 Fresno St., Fresno, with the main entrance facing P Street.

  5 Responses to “City of Fresno seeks total ban on cannabis gardens”

  1. This is bogus. The city is willing to let a few bad people doing wrong thing ruin for patients that really need and responsibly use. I don’t like to take man made pill that can destroy my kidneys. Plus pain pill will make u addicted. U cant overdose or become addicted to medical marijuana.

  2. Watch as the black market price increases and crime rates will go up. Stupid move by our very intelligent political leaders.

  3. We have to come together and file a lawsuit. It just has to be done.

  4. This is horrible. My wife is 30 and has lupis. Her docs give her 80mgs or norcos a day and she sleeps all day. Medical cannibis gave me my wife back. She is back to her normal self funtions without the norcos and is safe. It took the hazards out of her hands from prescript medications and now the safe MEDS have been taken away and she has to go back to narcotics. This is crap and I will fight the city as well on this one love how they can take our God given rights away like a bully.without thinking what they are doing.

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