Survey responses mixed on Senate Bill 1262

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Jul 302014

In a recent survey, we asked people to comment on the general provisions of Senate Bill 1262, which would create a state-level marijuana enforcement bureau but leave cities and counties free to pass their own regulations. Here’s what they said in response to Question 1 of the survey: Senate Bill 1262 would establish within the Department of Consumer Affairs a Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation to license dispensing facilities, cultivation sites, and processing facilities that [read more …]

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Jul 252014

The Fresno Cannabis Association conducted an informal online survey from July 16 to July 24 help gather input from medical cannabis patients in the Fresno area about Senate Bill 1262. The survey was not designed nor intended to be a scientific sampling of public opinion, but the responses do provide a quick snapshot of how key elements of Senate Bill 1262 are viewed in the Fresno area and points beyond. Total responses: 42 California: 33 [read more …]

Jul 162014

Senate Bill 1262 is a cannabis regulation bill under consideration by the state Legislature. Although a final vote is not yet scheduled, some cannabis advocates believe it has a good chance for passage. This brief survey does not cover every aspect of SB 1262 in detail, but it does present some of the key elements. The final question on the survey asks whether FCA should take a position on the bill. View Survey