May 212014

The Fresno Cannabis Association presents its first fundraiser and strategy session at 2 p.m. June 8 at Full Circle Brewery in Fresno. Come learn about the cannabis growing bans in the City of Fresno and Fresno County, and meet the people leading the legal fights against them. Food, drink and cannabis advocacy — tres bien! Facebook event page | Meetup event page Admission tickets are $10 at the door. This private event is for people [read more …]

May 082014

A lawsuit filed today by cannabis advocates seeks to block enforcement of the Fresno cannabis cultivation ban. The petition for writ of mandate was filed by two co-plaintiffs, the newly formed Fresno Cannabis Association and the Los Angeles-based Union of Medical Marijuana Patients. The target of the lawsuit is Ordinance 2014-20, which bans all types of cannabis cultivation (indoor/outdoor)and imposes fines of $1,000/plant for violations. CEQA cannabis lawsuit – City of Fresno While the lawsuit [read more …]

Fresno County supervisors split on marijuana fines

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May 082014

Fresno County’s new ban on marijuana gardens imposes heavy marijuana fines, which were the focus of two recent stories in the Fresno Bee. Landlord, tenant to split pot fine, Fresno County supervisors decide Fresno County supervisors agreed Tuesday to split a hefty fine for medical marijuana cultivation between an out-of-town property owner and his tenant. Fines under the ordinance are $1,000 per plant. The 3-2 vote divided a $30,000 fine between Bret Harmon, a medical [read more …]

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