Feb 122014

Local media are reporting an early enforcement campaign against cannabis growers by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. The crackdown follows passage of a new zoning ordinance banning cannabis gardens, which took effect Feb. 7. abc30 coverage Fresno County sheriff’s deputies enforce new ban on pot grows Fresno County sheriff’s deputies are hitting the streets early this year to enforce a new ban on all indoor and outdoor marijuana grows. The enforcement includes grow operations designated [read more …]

Feb 072014

Fresno County’s ban on medical cannabis cultivation takes effect today. The ban applies to ALL cannabis gardens, both indoors and outdoors, with heavy fines starting at $1,000 per plant. A referendum petition circulated by local cannabis advocates fell far short of its goal of 20,130 signatures. One common theme reported by signature gatherers: Many people had no idea the new county law had been passed. Other potential signers expressed concerns about the confidentiality of petition [read more …]