Growing problem: Fresno marijuana house fires

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Jan 192013

When the Fresno Police Department decided that patients growing medical cannabis outdoors was a threat to public health and safety, the City Council signed off on an outdoor cultivation ban. What the FPD didn’t tell the City Council was that indoor cannabis cultivation can create equal or greater threats to public health and safety, including marijuana house fires caused by overloaded electrical and lighting systems. The latest Fresno house fire caused by cannabis cultivation was [read more …]

Jan 042013

High Times magazine brings its highly anticipated Medical Cannabis Cup to Los Angeles on Feb. 16-17. Title: Medical Cannabis Cup – L.A.Location: Los Angeles Center Studios, 451 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90017 (Map.)High Times Medical Cannabis Cup website Description: Two-day cannabis expo featuring an outdoor medicating area; cultivation seminars and activism sessions with High Times editors, leaders of the medical marijuana movement, and major cannabis celebrities; an all-star awards ceremony; and an unforgettable [read more …]

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