Feb 132012

The Kern County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider whether to fine the owners of a parcel where marijuana was being grown.

The county could levy $58,000 in fines against the owners the property, on Olive Drive just west of Olive Drive Church, for the cultivation of medical marijuana in violation of the Kern’s controversial 12-plant-per-parcel limit on growing the drug for medical purposes.

Kern County sheriff’s deputies initially responded to the two-parcel property, where 82 plants were being cultivated in a shipping container and in other locations. There were 34 plants on one parcel and 48 on another parcel, James Burger reports in the Bakersfield Californian.

Under a court ruling that the Sheriff’s Department can only prosecute for violations of state law, which allows more plants than county rules, Kern County Code Compliance officers were called in to handle the situation as a land-use violation.

Excess plants were destroyed by the property owner, according to reports.

Penalties could be leveled against both the property owner and the tenant of the property, reports stated.

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