Oct 152012

Sure, harvest is almost done, but Fresno police want to make sure no stoners are left unturned. That’s why the city has set up a new snitch line to report — as CBS 47 puts it — “illegal drug activity in your neighborhood.”

Wait … isn’t medical cannabis legal? Just a little bit? Never mind, you can now call 559-621-WEED to narc out your neighbors for growing the devil weed, with or without a doctor’s recommendation. IT’S ALL GOOD!

Here’s how Lt. David Newton explains it:

“It’s up to the public. They can use this hotline however they wish. If they wish to call us and leave anonymous information, we will accept it. We will investigate it. If they wish to leave their contact information and a number, we will call them back.”

Complaints about “suspicious activity” are also registered through the FPD tips website.

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