Oct 092012

After leaving well enough alone for several years, the Clovis City Council stepped into the field of cannabis cultivation regulation with both feet. They may wish they’d worn different shoes.

The new rules for growing medical cannabis in Clovis were passed Monday, Pablo Lopez reports in the Fresno Bee. Mayor Jose Flores pushed for a total ban on medical marijuana, but City Attorney David Wolfe warned that approach would be difficult to defend in court.

Of course, the same might be said of the ordinance passed Monday. Among its provisions:

– No outdoor cultivation, period. You can grow inside a home or an attached structure like a garage, provided you meet several other conditions like …

– Grow areas limited to 36 square feet. Maximum lighting is 1200 watts. Dedicated ventilation and odor-control systems. No CO2 supplies.

– Collective cultivation is no longer allowed in R-A zoning district. In theory, it’s allowed in M-1 industrial zones, with a 99-plant cap and no on-site consumption. Requirements that no sales occur and that all collective members must participate in growing run counter to California appellate cases, and the required disclosures for police raise further patient-privacy concerns.

– A related finding that the new ordinance is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act. The legality of such a finding has not been adjudicated.

The ordinance takes effect on or about Nov. 7 and includes a six-month grace period for enforcement. Police Chief Janet Davis told the council the new ordinance “gives us a more effective tool” to regulate cannabis cultivation. Time will tell.

  One Response to “Clovis passes ban on outdoor cannabis cultivation”

  1. Zoning and banning medical Cannabis grows anywhere in California is plainly put…dumb. Wasted time & tax money on obselete issues.

    This fight is as futile as avoiding old age. Does it even warrant to be classified as a “fight”? Todays Cannabis grows and the collective door fronts of years before were right in the open, many advertised their location. I like to think the money I spend on taxes to provide wages for my City & County officials, including the police force is a little bit more challenging to earn, than to just flip through the YellowPages and randomly choose an individual or collective name to slander one day.

    A free and just nation as our country portrays to be, should regulate tobacco and alcohol to the same strict guidelines as Cannabis. In the end it’s all about the money.. Public officials are inadequate in stopping or even slowing down gang problems, the ability to keep repetitive career criminals out of the citizen’s general population, vehicle burglary and can not control the epidemic of the homeless. So of course they continue to make a BIGG deal and public announcements of a new ban or zoning of anything related to the easy one… the one the benifactors of are trying to get fully legalized to the same standards as tobacco and alcohol, the one which the benifactors continue to obide by regulations and still flourishes, due to the fact that it is the one that grows from soil or water and not in a glass fish bowl – it won’t go away unless an atom bomb drops.

    Wasted time and tax payer money.

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