Sep 192012

Shocking, SHOCKING I tell you … medical marijuana is being grown in Fresno County. Medical marijuana is a SHAM! Medical marijuana doctors should be ARRESTED! Marijuana is stinky and unsanitary, too!

Those are the highlights of a new YouTube video posted on an anti-cannabis site called Nip It In The Bud. In a PR Newswire press release picked up by the Sacramento Bee, Alexandra Datig says that “California’s medical marijuana laws have been exposed as a scam. Under existing laws, no one is held accountable, while California has become the marijuana trafficking capitol of the United States. Ninety percent of California’s marijuana is being exported to other states and other countries. All this, made possible mostly through recommendations by California doctors.”

The video provides no details on the location and date of the cannabis seizures shown, or whether they took place under the Operation Mercury moniker. Somewhat ironically, Datig indirectly makes the case for laboratory testing of medical-grade cannabis, an industry best practice that many collective-dispensaries adopted before the federal crackdown began.

  One Response to “Anti-marijuana video takes flight in Fresno County”

  1. you are SICK. How many people on POT beat their wife/kids. drive and cause death after death, how many shoot people and do not remember a thing. Beer and booze is in every house in this country, this is where you should be bitching, not about pot. We have spent over 600 billion dollars tryng to stop it and there is more now than ever before. We could have used that 600 billion dollars for Medicare, Social Security, feeding some of the over 40 million americans that go to bed without eating every day, in this great country.
    It has also allow the Police force accross this country get out of hand. NO – YOU ARE SICK AND SHOULD BE STOP FROM SPREADING crap and lies, more people die from booze than pot every day of the year, year after year. I know I LOST my dad that way, if had been smoking pot he would have been home either eating or sleeping, not drinking and driving and killing people. NO POT is not the problem.
    Last, every TV program shows when people are stressed, having problem’s and so on, what do they reach for – BOOZE not POT…..So let’s waste another 600 billion dollars on a problem is is bigger NOW, than it ever has been, and will only continue to grow, and at the same time let the 40 million americans go to bed without eating, that is if they have a bed or hosuse to sleep in.
    The money could be used for a much better goal, then the so call WAR ON DRUGS this statment has become such a joke every where go. Like they said, if you want something to succeed, just have the US Government declare war on it, like back in the 20’s, that really work now didn’t it.

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