Oct 272012

Fresno’s ban on outdoor cannabis gardens faces a new legal challenge, this time on environmental grounds. In December 2011, the Fresno City Council passed a so-called urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor cannabis gardens anywhere in the city. The ordinance passed after police cited concerns about a handful of large-scale gardens, some of them within residential neighborhoods. A 2010 shooting death during an attempted heist of an outdoor cannabis garden across from Roeding Park was cited as [read more …]

Fresno police arrest husband, wife, son on pot charges

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Oct 172012

Fresno police seized 127 pounds of marijuana, cash and weapons at a southeast Fresno home following a monthlong investigation with federal drug agents, Tim Sheehan reports in the Fresno Bee. Police searching the home Friday on the 2000 block of South Chestnut Avenue found several greenhouses encompassing nearly the entire backyard where marijuana plants recently had been harvested, the Bee reports. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said police, working in cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement [read more …]

Fresno police launch snitch line for cannabis gardens

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Oct 152012

Sure, harvest is almost done, but Fresno police want to make sure no stoners are left unturned. That’s why the city has set up a new snitch line to report — as CBS 47 puts it — “illegal drug activity in your neighborhood.” Wait … isn’t medical cannabis legal? Just a little bit? Never mind, you can now call 559-621-WEED to narc out your neighbors for growing the devil weed, with or without a doctor’s [read more …]

Oct 092012

After leaving well enough alone for several years, the Clovis City Council stepped into the field of cannabis cultivation regulation with both feet. They may wish they’d worn different shoes. The new rules for growing medical cannabis in Clovis were passed Monday, Pablo Lopez reports in the Fresno Bee. Mayor Jose Flores pushed for a total ban on medical marijuana, but City Attorney David Wolfe warned that approach would be difficult to defend in court. [read more …]