Dec 192011

This year-end CalNORML recap arrived via e-mail:

If you haven’t already done so, please urge President Obama to call off the federal war on medical marijuana by visiting

Cal NORML is proud to have been on the leading edge of cannabis reform this year, sponsoring two state-wide conferences that led to the filing of several ballot initiatives for 2012. We will have important new news about ballot measures shortly.


Next year will begin with a vote in Sacramento on two key reform bills in the California legislature: a bill by Sen. Leno to protect medical marijuana patients’ employment rights and another by Assemblyman Ammiano to downgrade penalties for marijuana cultivation.

Members are invited to our annual membership meeting, Saturday, Jan. 21, from 2 to 5 p.m. at 1216 Folsom St. San Francisco. To RSVP or check on your membership status, write or call 415-563-5858.

California NORML fields dozens of requests for information and help by phone and email daily (including evenings and weekends). Many of the callers are not CalNORML supporters but are indigent, seriously ill, and facing the loss of their jobs, their housing, their parental rights and their freedom.

NORML has been known since the 1970s as a reliable source of information and a resource for those in need. Members and supporters like you make that lifeline possible.

See a round-up of our activities for 2011

With proper funding, our plans for 2012 are:

— Push hard legislatively in January for SB129, Sen. Leno’s employment rights bill; and AB 1017, Rep. Ammiano’s cultivation decriminalization bill.

— Continue to challenge local cultivation bans.

— Support efforts in cities and counties with pending ballot measures.

— Press for federal rescheduling of marijuana.

— Campaign for employment rights by raising public awareness of the discriminatory nature of urine testing and its ineffectiveness in improving workplace safety. Inform unions, businesses, insurance companies, and government officials about alternatives such as performance testing.

— Support the child custody rights of medical marijuana-using mothers who are responsible parents; assist with legal cases and work towards more enlightened public policy with CPS at state and local levels.

— Redesign our website to make it more user-friendly.

It is Cal NORML’s view that fixing the state’s medical marijuana laws must be an urgent priority. Until the public is confident that the state can regulate medical marijuana, they are unlikely to back adult-use legalization.

California needs clear and unambiguous laws legitimizing and regulating the distribution, production, and processing of medical marijuana. Local governments should retain the power to regulate and zone, but not ban, dispensaries.

With this in mind, Cal NORML is actively pursuing efforts to reform the state’s marijuana laws so as to fulfill Proposition 215’s mandate for a safe and affordable distribution system, most immediately by way of a 2012 ballot initiative or, failing that, future legislation.

Please give what you can towards our efforts. This is a critical moment for reform in California.

California NORML
2261 Market St. #278A
San Francisco, CA 94114

Over the past several months, the Federal government escalated its war against medical marijuana to previously unseen heights. The Drug War machine kicked into high gear starting in October when the IRS began applying an obscure part of the US tax code, meant to target drug cartels, against medical dispensaries in attempts to shut them down. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms joined in the fight when
it issued a heavy handed one page memo to every gun and ammunition dealer nationwide informing them that they must, by law, deny sales to lawful medical cannabis patients.

The hammer really fell when the U.S. Attorneys for the four federal districts in California formally announced a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensing operations and began issuing memos threatening operators and landlords of these properties. Threats were even waged against news publications who ran advertisements for medical marijuana businesses. All of this in an environment where over 70% of Americans
support medical use of cannabis, the country’s largest physicians group endorsed full legalization, and at least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence of its medicinal value. Unfortunately, It doesn’t appear an end is in sight as new threats of intervention are looming in Colorado.

That is why today, in cooperation with other reform organizations, NORML is encouraging you to contact President Obama and tell him to end his administration’s war on cannabis patients. Click the link below to use NORML’s Action Center to directly email the White House and tell President Obama to stand by his promise to not interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

The NORML Team

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