Dec 282011

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2012 presents major challenges for cannabis reform here in California. In coming days, Cal NORML will announce its support of a major new initiative drive, sponsored by a broad “unity” coalition of groups, to reform the state’s medical marijuana laws in a way that protects patients’ rights, provides clear legal protection to providers, and realizes Prop. 215’s mandate for a “safe and affordable” distribution system.

Cal NORML is also supporting a separate initiative to repeal cannabis prohibition in California:

Last year was a difficult year, but Cal NORML led the fight by:

    * Sponsoring statewide conferences that led to the filing of several ballot initiatives for cannabis reform in 2012;

    * Sponsoring an appellate court challenge to restrictive local anti-cultivation laws and helping activists fight oppressive local regulations against medical marijuana;

    * Co-sponsoring a DEA petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use, which is now headed for the U.S. Court of Appeals;

    * Leading protests against the federal crackdown on medical cannabis providers;

    * Co-sponsoring legislation in Sacramento to reduce cultivation penalties;

    * Sponsoring a quality control “ring test” of the developing cannabis testing industry.

For a summary of this year’s activities, click here.

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