Feb 082011

I wish I could tell you more about what’s happening in Oakland, but sometimes it’s more useful to tell you what’s NOT happening. For the past month or so, we’ve been hearing that the feds have warned city officials to back off on its medical cannabis cultivation ordinance. That’s probably because that’s exactly what the feds have been telling the media, and now Oakland’s city attorney has such cold feet he won’t even work on the thing. Big, bad, scary feds.

Enter Desley Brooks, Oakland’s vice mayor and the latest on the City Council to take up the cause for patient access. If the feds planned a crackdown, Brooks told attendees at the CalNORML conference in Berkeley, she didn’t get the memo — and neither did anyone else on the council. As for City Attorney John Russo’s refusal to play ball, Brooks says that’s “problematic,” which is putting it mildly.

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