Cal NORML issues year-end call for donations

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Dec 282011

Dear friends of Cal NORML: We urge you to consider a year-end donation to California NORML via 2012 presents major challenges for cannabis reform here in California. In coming days, Cal NORML will announce its support of a major new initiative drive, sponsored by a broad “unity” coalition of groups, to reform the state’s medical marijuana laws in a way that protects patients’ rights, provides clear legal protection to providers, and realizes Prop. 215’s [read more …]

Long list of ASA accomplishments in 2011

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Dec 282011

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) provides legal training for and medical information to patients, attorneys, health and medical professionals and policymakers throughout the United States. It also organizes media support for court cases, rapid response to law enforcement raids, and capacity-building for advocates. ASA just posted some of the highlights from its work in 2011, which are excerpted below. Click here to read the full post. LEGAL • We filed a groundbreaking federal lawsuit challenging [read more …]

San Luis Obispo dispensary cases lagging

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Dec 282011

One year after a group dubbed the “SLO 12” was arrested during an undercover investigation into medical marijuana dispensaries, some local activists are still fuming. About 10 people gathered Tuesday morning outside San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Monterey Street to protest the arrests, Nick Wilson reports in The Tribune. They held signs supporting “safe access” to medical marijuana and criticized the ongoing handling of the cases. The bust has led to ongoing prosecutions they [read more …]

Cannabis-infused soda top story in Santa Cruz

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Dec 282011

SANTA CRUZ — A soft drink laced with the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, a tsunami that swept through the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor and a woman arrested on suspicion of throwing a duck were just a few of the stories that captured online readers’ attention in 2011. The Santa Cruz Sentinel website averages more than 400,000 unique visitors each month, and the top story of the year about Canna Cola was viewed more than [read more …]

Dec 272011

‘Twas 10 nights before Christmas when the Fresno Police Department put an outdoor marijuana-growing ban on the City Council’s agenda. It was, department officials said, a matter of some urgency. Urgent enough, in fact, to bypass the normal planning process. Upon further review (thank goodness for video), the city railroaded its cultivation ban through at the most opportune time, hoping to gain the legal upper hand while Prop. 215 patients weren’t watching. The strategy succeeded [read more …]