Tactics questioned in Whittier dispensary raids

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May 222011

WHITTIER — When Whittier police raided two unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday, they used a more aggressive approach than the city of Pico Rivera and Los Angeles County. Instead of providing a notice of violation and threatening to sue if they didn’t close, a dozen members of Whittier police and L.A. Impact Task Force officers came down on the two dispensaries, leaving shattered glass and bitter feelings. Both medical marijuana dispensaries are located outside the [read more …]

May 172011

A Fresno man who fired a shotgun at a group of thieves fleeing his backyard medical-marijuana garden – fatally wounding one of them – was sentenced Monday to 28 years to life in prison. The shotgun blast by Phayvanh Dydouangphan, 41, hit Stanley Wallace in the head as he sat in the passenger seat of a pickup. The 40-year-old Caruthers man died two days after the incident last September, John Ellis reports in the Fresno [read more …]

Columnist-turned-patient has new thoughts on pot

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May 152011

Bud’s note: John Bogert (not Bogart, you stoners) is a Los Angeles Daily News columnist who recently joined the ranks of Prop. 215 patients. He’s more whimsical than cynical and delivers a light-hearted Sunday read. Enjoy. ============== In an earlier age it might have been mildly interesting to sit among reprobates in a medical marijuana dispensary filling out forms and fielding a vacant “Wha?” from a middle-age guy in cargo shorts when I asked if [read more …]

San Jose nets $290K in first dispensary tax report

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May 152011

For the last couple of years, medical marijuana has been a booming business in San Jose, but now it’s also a promising new source of tax revenue, according to new figures released by the city’s finance department. San Jose officials say the city’s medical marijuana collectives paid $290,000 in the first month the city levied a 7 percent tax on businesses selling the drug, John Woolfolk reports in the San Jose Mercury Register. Councilman Pierluigi [read more …]