Bud’s Blog: Leno backs cannabis bills in state Senate

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Feb 182011

Journalists don’t get any respect, which sucks, but that’s nothing compared with the scorn and ridicule heaped upon our public servants in Sacramento. Let’s face it: It feels good to talk smack about those stuffed suits in the Legislature, especially when it comes to cannabis. Honestly, you couldn’t find a more ignorant bunch of canna-phobes unless you went slumming to your local school board. Enter Mark Leno, the state senator from San Francisco, and a [read more …]

Feb 162011

Steve Avalos has been trying to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to Atwater for a while now. Avalos, himself a medical marijuana patient, was close to opening the business — he even leased a building at 221 Airpark Road. “As patients we shouldn’t have to seek our medicine illegally because it is California law,” he said. “There’s no reason for us to break the law to buy the drugs on the street.” However, Avalos, might [read more …]

Fresno dispensary worker foils robbery attempt

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Feb 162011

Quick thinking by a store employee foiled a robbery Tuesday afternoon at a central Fresno medical marijuana dispensary. Fresno County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chris Curtice said one man was arrested and another remained at large, Eddie Jimenez reports in the Fresno Bee. According to Curtice, the men entered the Central Valley Collective on West Shaw Avenue across from Fig Garden Village shortly after 2 p.m., saying they were new customers. Inside, one of the men [read more …]

Bud’s Blog: Oakland City Council keeps pushing the limits

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Feb 082011

I wish I could tell you more about what’s happening in Oakland, but sometimes it’s more useful to tell you what’s NOT happening. For the past month or so, we’ve been hearing that the feds have warned city officials to back off on its medical cannabis cultivation ordinance. That’s probably because that’s exactly what the feds have been telling the media, and now Oakland’s city attorney has such cold feet he won’t even work on [read more …]

Feb 012011
Bud's Blog: CalNORML conference sets cannabis agenda

This weekend’s CalNORML reform conference in Berkeley sold out, prompting organizers to promise a larger venue next time. Their agenda was plenty big enough already, with complex issues facing medical cannabis advocates and proponents of legal, non-medical use. (Click here for CalNORML video coverage.) Steph Sherer, the national director of Americans for Safe Access, called for more civil discourse after Prop. 19 launched a war of words online. But she didn’t mince words when she [read more …]