Sep 302010

While Prop. 19 was on the minds of many at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo, the panel presentations were focused on issues unique to cannabusiness. Among the best was “Branding Cannabis: An Industry Talk.” You’ll want to hear what these experts say about the importance of branding, social media, packaging and building relationships with other growing businesses. Also take notice how they name-drop their own brands frequently as they talk. Good stuff.


Speaking, in order, are cannabis activist Cheryl Shuman of Kush magazine, Zander C of Viva SEO, and Davyd Field, inventor of the Gravity Vortex water pipe.


Cannabis activist, cancer survivor, one-woman powerhouse for Kush magazine. Cheryl Shuman is all these things and more; here she points out how social networking helped her beat cancer and launch her new career.


Zander C, chief branding officer for Viva SEO, talks about the importance of packaging for emerging cannabusinesses. The first speaker in this clip is Gravity Vortex inventor Davyd Field.


“If you want to make money, you’ve got to bring people into the market.” So says Zander C of Viva SEO, who points out that products can no longer rely on cannabis alone as the main selling point. Value-added products will distinguish themselves from competitors during the “moment of truth” when consumers choose whether to buy your product or a different one.


Davyd Field and Ryan Colditz of Vortex Waterpipes bookend Dan Rocha of 420 Web Pros as they discuss the importance of social media in finding new customers and building relationships with existing customers.

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