Sep 222010

Whether you’ve stumbled upon this website by accident or design, I’d like you to bookmark this puppy and “like” the Facebook page. Starting today, we’re building a new community in Fresno, and we’re going to use social media to do it. Here’s why:

— Like many California communities, the city and county of Fresno are challenged by medical marijuana dispensaries — both in theory and in practice — and require citizen input on the best ways to regulate them. The city’s moratorium, as the county has learned, is an example of the law of unintended consequences.

— Home cultivation represents another challenge, with a pair of recent shootings prompting county supervisors to pass a moratorium on outdoor growing. The legality of such a move — not to mention the enforcement problems inherent in the law — is something that’s going to be examined closely in the coming weeks. Local residents need to stay informed about what’s happening so they can give appropriate feedback to their elected officials.

Where does fit in? It’s an offshoot of, a news and opinion aggregate site I started in late 2009 to help track cannabis issues statewide. Some of that content will get ported to, along with some future articles I hope to solicit from local leaders in the MMJ community. If city/county officials and/or law enforcement want to chime in, too, it’s all good. You can’t begin to discuss medical cannabis intelligently without getting input from diverse viewpoints.

A side note about the dot-org aspect of Fresno Cannabis: Somebody already snagged the dot-com version of the domain, so I went with the next best thing. That doesn’t make Fresno Cannabis a nonprofit, though the label is pretty darn fitting as it is for most blogs. Nor is Fresno Cannabis an organization, though it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it morphed into one. There’s a distinct lack of coordination among Fresno dispensaries and the people who patronize them, despite the best efforts of local advocacy groups. That’s something that needs to change, and soon, as new regulations loom on the horizon.

Got questions or comments? Who doesn’t? Use the comment form at the end of this article, or use the contact form to give me a jingle. With your help, we can turn into a tool for learning and positive action.

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