Sep 292010

You don’t hear much in the Prop. 19 debate about cannabis standards and self-regulation, but they’re important concepts to consider regardless of what happens in November. The co-founders of Steep Hill Lab in Oakland, Addison DeMoura and David Lampach, joined with Bret Bogue of Apothecary Genetics for a panel presentation at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo this weekend. I’ll try to snag a copy of Lampach’s insightful prepared comments, but here are some clips in the meantime.


Bret Bogue, a noted grower and cannabis consultant, discusses the need for cannabis regulations during a panel presentation on standardization. He appeared at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo with David Lampach and Addison DeMoura of Steep Hill Lab in Oakland.


Addison DeMoura of Steep Hill Lab tells explains how safe cultivation and handling practices are critical for the medical cannabis industry.


A graduate student asks the INTCHE panel on medical cannabis standards whether Prop. 19 is the right approach or whether another law with built-in regulations (vs. those enacted by local governments) is preferable.


“Hone your skill. Own your skill.” That’s the advice from Bret Bogue of Apothecary Consulting. Corporations and commercial cultivation are coming with cannabis legalization, but small home growers who produce superior cannabis can offer a “microbrew” alternative to mass-produced products.

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