Mother Of All Bans set for June 22 hearing


The Fresno City Council will hold a public hearing to discuss a proposal to ban all adult-use cannabis activities in the city. Medical marijuana cultivation and medical dispensaries have been banned for several years.

This meeting is a watershed moment for Fresno and every Prop. 215 patient living here. Around the state, cities and counties are working hard to implement regulations for commercial cannabis activities, which are authorized under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Prop. 64). The city and county of Fresno are working hard to go in the opposite direction by attempting to ban dispensaries, collectives, testing labs and any other licensed business allowed under state law. The draft ordinance, when released, is likely to greatly restrict personal cultivation, which also was legalized by Prop. 64 for adults 21 and older.

YOUR ATTENDANCE IS VITAL. Please help us tell the Fresno City Council to regulate cannabis, both medical and non-medical, and to respect the will of city voters who voted in favor of Prop. 64.

BEFORE THE MEETING. Please call or write your council member and ask them respectfully to work on behalf of cannabis patients and adult consumers. Ask them to oppose the ban and to appoint an ad hoc committee of patients and industry experts to assist the city in its efforts to draft regulations. This approach has been used successfully around the state, and it can work in Fresno if we ask for it.

Please remember that all emails are considered public record. Be nice!

Dist. 1 – Esmeralda Soria (No stated position)

Dist. 2 – Steve Brandau (Ban supporter)

Dist. 3 – Oliver Baines III (Opposes medical ban)

Dist. 4 – Paul Caprioglio (No stated position)

Dist. 5 – Luis Chavez (No stated position)

Dist. 6 – Garry Bredefeld (Ban author)

Dist. 7 – Clint Olivier (Ban opponent)

If you’re not sure who your council representative is, use the district locator. You can call 559-621-8000 and an operator will transfer your call to your council rep.

Mayor Lee Brand (Ban supporter) (Email) (Staff)
Mayor’s constituent line: 559-621-7905.

Download (PDF, 132KB)

Download (PDF, 328KB)

City, county set joint cannabis meeting


The Fresno City Council and the Fresno County Board of Supervisors will hold a joint session (seriously, that’s what it’s called) on several topics, including the “marijuana ordinance” or ordinances. This is a rare chance to double-dip and support reasonable cannabis regulation in both the city and county. The county has already declared its intent to remain a “dry” county, and at least one council member wants the city to follow suit. The only downside [read more …]

Cannabis and hemp conference held in Fresno

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Apr 272017

The first Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Conference was held Wednesday at Bitwise Industries in downtown Fresno. About 60 people attended, many of them interested in commercial cannabis licensing. Many of the cannabis and industrial hemp program materials are posted online. The even also drew some local media coverage, as shown below. First marijuana and hemp conference in Fresno happens at Bitwise |

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Fresno cannabis legalization survey results

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May 192016

The following survey was posted for about six weeks, and it got more responses from outside Fresno County than from Fresno-area residents. Excluding those answers and those from unidentified networks, here are the results:

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Court ruling hits ‘criminalization’ element of Fresno County growing ban

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Dec 032015

The dismissal of a legal challenge to Fresno County’s ban on growing medical cannabis has been overturned by the Fifth District Court of Appeal. Tuesday’s 32-page ruling rejected several arguments made by cannabis advocate Diana Kirby, who filed suit after Fresno County’s medical cannabis cultivation ban was passed in 2014. But the three-judge panel still sent the case back to Fresno County Superior Court for further proceedings, saying Kirby could challenge the “criminalization” clause of [read more …]