Apr 092014

A CEQA lawsuit that seeks to block the enforcement of the Fresno County cannabis ban was filed April 4, 2014. The lawsuit doesn’t claim the county ban violates Proposition 215 or Senate Bill 420, although it well could. Instead, the single cause of action claims the county violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

This unofficial copy is lightly redacted. If the embedded viewer doesn’t work, click here.

Exhibit A: Fresno County Ordinance 14-001
Exhibit B: Cannabis staff report, Fresno County Board of Supervisors (Jan. 7, 2014)
Exhibit C: Cannabis staff report, Fresno County Planning Commission (Jan. 9, 2014)

Fresno County cannabis CEQA lawsuit

Apr 062014

Having watched a few City Council meetings in my time, some of the yakking about the latest Fresno cannabis ban falls under the category of same ol’, same ol’. Where it gets downright surreal is when educated folks talk about fighting “criminal” cannabis gardens with code enforcement and heavy fines. No matter how much you smoke medical cannabis (or not), this [...]

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Mar 282014

This lightly edited press release was issued by the Fresno Police Department: One week after Police Chief Jerry Dyer presented a new ordinance to City Council on making marijuana grows in Fresno illegal, detectives with the Fresno Police Department’s Major Narcotics Unit received several dozen calls from citizens complaining of marijuana being grown in their neighborhood. On Thursday, detectives responded to [...]

Mar 272014

The Fresno City Council passed its new cannabis growing ban on Thursday, closely following the lead of Fresno County. Both ordinances feature heavy fines of $1,000 per plant, which county supervisors imposed for the first time Tuesday. Council Member Clint Olivier cast the sole “no” vote, as he did at the first reading on March 20. The zoning law goes to [...]

Mar 232014

Two cannabis growers — and their landlords — are facing fines totaling $73,000 for allegedly violating Fresno County’s growing ban. Two hearings requested by Sheriff Margaret Mims are set on Tuesday’s agenda for the Board of Supervisors. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. Fresno Bee coverage: Fresno County supervisors to hear from first group fined for pot gardens The cornerstone of [...]

Mar 212014

The City Council’s vote to ban all Fresno cannabis gardens was not surprising, but it did spur some old memories. Feels like yesterday, but nearly two years have passed since the outdoor growing ban was up for debate. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, watch this flashback as Fresno police and the City Council get all indignant [...]

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