City set to exempt 6 plants from cultivation ban


UPDATE: On June 22, the City Council voted to a) modify its existing cultivation ban, and b) draft a new ban on adult-use cannabis businesses. The cultivation ordinance came up for final approval July 20 but failed to pass by majority vote. It will come up for another vote as consent agenda item 1-M.

Read the draft ordinance here:

Any member of the public may request a consent agenda item be pulled for separate consideration and vote. Because the consent agenda is typically handled at the start of the meeting, being there early is important to ensure you don’t miss it.

Understanding the “tweak” requires understanding the city’s current cultivation ban, Ordinance 2014-20. The ordinance up for approval on Thursday would amend 2014-20 to

a) leave the current ban in place, but to not enforce it “for up to six marijuana plants grown within a single private legally occupied residence, within a locked space, using no more than 1,200 watts of lighting, with no detectable odor from outside that residence, and not visible by normal, unaided vision from a public place or adjacent residence.

b) add “The city may, at its discretion, issue an administrative citation for any violation of this Article.” However, note the administrative penalty remains at $1,000 per PLANT, not per DAY, and the legality of per-plant fines is not settled.

c) add “In addition, the City Attorney may institute a civil action to ensure compliance with this Article, including an action for injunctive relief and/or to recover damages incurred as a result of any violation.”

d) maintains existing unlawful clause “Any property upon which a violation of this article is found shall be subject to immediate abatement by the city.”

f) adds new potentially unlawful clause. “Any marijuana plants found in violation of this article may be confiscated.” The City must, but frequently doesn’t, provide reasonable notice to abate any zoning violation.

If the amended ordinance passes a final vote on Thursday, it will become effective on or about September 3, 2017.

Read the current ban here:

Hearing set on Prop. 64 adult-use cannabis ban


IMPORTANT! Read all the staff reports and findings: Under New Matters, Agenda Item C: CONSIDER Text Amendment Application No. TA-17-006 and the related environmental finding to address recreational marijuana operations, dispensaries, sales, and public consumption by prohibiting them in all zone districts within the City 1. RECOMMEND APPROVAL to the City Council of Environmental Assessment No. TA-17-006 prepared for this matter approving a Finding of No Possibility pursuant to Section 15061 (b)(3) of the [read more …]

Mother Of All Bans set for June 22 hearing

Mother Of All Bans set for June 22 hearing

The Fresno City Council will hold a public hearing to discuss a proposal to ban all adult-use cannabis activities in the city. Medical marijuana cultivation and medical dispensaries have been banned for several years. This meeting is a watershed moment for Fresno and every Prop. 215 patient living here. Around the state, cities and counties are working hard to implement regulations for commercial cannabis activities, which are authorized under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety [read more …]

City, county set joint cannabis meeting


The Fresno City Council and the Fresno County Board of Supervisors will hold a joint session (seriously, that’s what it’s called) on several topics, including the “marijuana ordinance” or ordinances. This is a rare chance to double-dip and support reasonable cannabis regulation in both the city and county. The county has already declared its intent to remain a “dry” county, and at least one council member wants the city to follow suit. The only downside [read more …]

Cannabis and hemp conference held in Fresno

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Apr 272017

The first Fresno Cannabis and Hemp Conference was held Wednesday at Bitwise Industries in downtown Fresno. About 60 people attended, many of them interested in commercial cannabis licensing. Many of the cannabis and industrial hemp program materials are posted online. The even also drew some local media coverage, as shown below. First marijuana and hemp conference in Fresno happens at Bitwise |

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Fresno cannabis legalization survey results

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May 192016

The following survey was posted for about six weeks, and it got more responses from outside Fresno County than from Fresno-area residents. Excluding those answers and those from unidentified networks, here are the results:

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